Monday, March 28, 2011


Dr. Stephen D. Drake, D. Min., Director, Corporate Relations, President of the LifeWay Bible Society has agreed to personally read the entire manuscript and offer his thoughts, and I have agreed to consider them.

In the meantime I will continue to research other Print On Demand providers.   Please continue to pray that God opens the right door, to the right place, at the right time for this testimony to break free of the obstacles that have delayed it's publication.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Self-Publishing Rejection!?

Well, I can't even pay to have the book published.  I received an email from CrossBooks, a division of LifeWay,  this morning informing me that my manuscript did not pass their "Theological Review".  Apparently, my  history of divorce is not acceptable.

My reply,  "I will send my manuscript to a publisher who is more in touch with God's grace and redemptive power, which is what the book is about,  and is a much more  important and life changing message than submission in marriage."

Heck of a note, huh, can't even get a Christian self-publisher to take the book.  The evil one is truly pulling out all the stops, but I will not give up.