Monday, December 14, 2009

...and the next step!

 I had not heard back from the Upper Room today, so I called the editor.  I was disappointed, though not surprised, to get her voice mail.  I had to settle for leaving a message.  To my chagrin, after I hung up I realized that I hadn't mentioned the name of the book!

Not wanting to leave a string of irritating voice mails, I decided to follow up with a short e-mail just enlightening her to the name of the book referred to in my voice mail.  I hit send and within thirty minutes I received a response from the editor at Upper Room Publishing.  

Stand at the Cross Roads is finally out of committee and is one of a few books that she intends to take a closer look at this week.  She said she would let me know whether they are interested in going forward or not by next week.  

Chris, my co-writer, cautioned me not to get my hopes up to high, but it's hard.   I know God is at work and that even if  the Upper Room passes  - HE does have a plan for getting this story published.     Keep those prayers flowing  ~ and watch here to see where God is going!

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