Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby steppng.... my specialty!

It was about 11:15 this morning when I finally plopped down in my chair, rolled up to my computer, slid out the keypad and clicked on the postage stamp icon.  New messages began popping up... one, two, three.  Suddenly, I realized I was holding my breath, nervously anticipating the promised decision from the editorial director at Upper Room Books. Four, five, six...and then I saw it and I froze afraid to read it.  So, I bowed my head, took a deep breath, and said a prayer before clicking it open.   It read....

"Hi Hilda,

I have reviewed your proposal and find it to be an interesting story. What I would like to do next is to allow the Emmaus director to review it and let me know if he thinks that this project would be of strong interest to Emmaus communities.

I think he may have left for the Christmas holidays, so I’m sure he will respond to me in early January.

In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas!"

Stunned, I didn't quite know how to reply.  Thrilled that the book had made it past another step and awestruck by how God seems to be working to accomplish His purposes.  You see I had met Victor, the Emmaus director, when he was in Houston in 2006 for a regional Emmaus Celebration.   We even talked briefly about my project.  Way back then he expressed real interest in what God was up to at the Cross Roads.  Praise God!

I can't wait to see what January brings!!!!

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