Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Dreaded Mailbox

On September 13th I mailed the book proposal for Stand at the Cross Roads to Moody Publishers.  The submission guidelines required a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope be included in the package.  The guidelines further informed me that if they were interested in the book they would contact me by phone, if declining, I would receive notification by mail.  Hence the requested SASE.

The last 29 days have been the longest days of my life! Every morning around 10AM I climb in our Kawasaki mule and slowly drive the 1/2 mile to the dreaded mailbox - praying, praying, praying along the way that the equally dreaded letter is not inside.

Everyday has been increasingly difficult.  I drive slower, open the box slower,  hold my breath a little longer as I sift through the contents, then WHOOSH! I exhale!  So far, so good, no SASE addressed to me in my own handwriting has been lurking inside!  

The instructions also stated that I should receive a response to the proposal within one month of their receiving it.  Well, friends, tomorrow is 30 calendars days and I am conflicted beyond belief.  Part of me just KNOWS that God is going to make this happen through Moody Publishers, because it would truly be the perfect ending to the story and I can't imagine them not recognizing this opportunity and being excited about the connection.  The other part of me tells me not to get my hopes up, that we can't know what God's will is and if this doesn't work out He has something even better in mind for getting His story out.   Then I feel guilty for doubting.   

Anyway, please continue to pray for His will - and my strength to keep opening that dreaded mailbox!

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