Monday, October 18, 2010

The Morning After

Ed and Thresa Hull are amazingly gifted artisans.  Both hold down full time jobs, but their hobbies are where their hearts are.  Ed spends most of his spare time in this woodworking shop patiently shaping exotic wood into incredible multi-hued, multi-textured bird "mansions" and other pieces of wood art.  Thresa and Ed work together painstakingly piecing together brilliantly colored shards of stained glass on phenomenal projects that take up another entire workshop.  It is hard to accept that their extraordinary talents are just a "hobby".  

A little over a year ago Thresa Hull attended a retreat here at Cross Roads.    At the end of the weekend, Thresa told me that the Holy Spirit had touched her deeply during her stay here and she wanted to give something back. I told her that wasn't necessary, but she asked if we had ever considered putting stained glass windows in the Chapel. "Of course!", I said, "It's on the list, but, not very high, 'cuz it's so expensive."    

Ed and Thresa went to work applying their incredible talent to designing, making and then donating exquisite stained glass windows for the Cross Roads Chapel. It took them an entire year.  Each window is half of a sunrise behind a cross.  When you look at the front of the Chapel you see three crosses - the two stained glass windows on either side with a sun rising behind them and the cross on top of the Chapel.   The windows are titled, "The Morning After".   This photo doesn't do them justice.  On your next visit to the Cross Roads you'll see what I mean!

"The Morning After"
Created and Donated by Ed and Thresa Hull 

Thank you, Ed and Thresa, your gift will bless everyone who comes to Cross Roads! 

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