Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Diamond In The Rough

Excerpt from Chapter 10 – Stand At The Cross Roads: We watched three of them go, then our tractor was up. When I started bidding, heads turned again. I know the men were wondering, What’s up with her? Nina and I were just about the only women there, and I was definitely the only woman bidding.
            The exciting thing about an auction is not only the expectation of getting a bargain but that quiver in your stomach when you think, What if it’s a piece of junk? What if I’m throwing the hard-won cash from selling my diamond wedding rings into a red-and-gray money pit? Then you think, But what if it’s a steal, what if we drive home today with a real gem? Then again, you think, Am I being foolish, like Jack trading his cow for a handful of beans?

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