Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winter Rains

Happy St. Patick's Day!  
We're up to 191 Fans!!! 
Excerpt from Chapter 17 – Stand At The Cross Roads: Meanwhile, our little family continued suffering from too much togetherness. Four people in a space the size of a small apartment were often three too many. When we moved there from the rental house in Chriesman, I'd put all my furniture in storage, except for my bed. Scott and Jennifer’s furniture was wall-to-wall in our tiny living area. Even our clothes were crowded, because houses built back then had no closets.
            So we were popping out at the seams. As we continued with the mountainous repair work our pet goats, Dave and Judy, poked their heads up through the floorboards to watch. The tensions grew as the house seemed to get smaller by the day. 

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