Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dumb 'n' Dumber

Excerpt from Chapter 14 – Stand At The Cross Roads: We hired the only house movers we could find who were available on such short notice. Available - that should have been a red flag...

We stared in disbelief at the shattered remnants of our house.
            "Okay, that’s it for today," Dumber said, loading up to leave. "We’re out of here."
            "See you on Saturday," Dumb added.
            That was two days away. Never mind that rain was on the horizon, with the two shattered halves of our house open to the elements. Never mind that we expected our first group of campers on Saturday and had no time to deal with protecting our investment from further ruin. Dumb 'n' Dumber were taking the weekend off.
            Too numb to cry, we erupted in righteous indignation and outright anger. What were we supposed to do now? Holding hands in front of our expensive piles of rubble, we prayed asking God just what He was thinking, and for guidance.
Before the move
After the move

I can't thank each of you enough. Your support has completely overwhelmed me. This morning we reached 179 fans!  If you haven't already please go to the Stand at the Cross Roads Fan Page and click the “Become a Fan” button and then re-post this to YOUR Facebook page to encourage your friends to become Fans, too!  200 is the magic number publishers look for to see if a book might have an audience. I know in my heart that God wants this story told.  It is a true story about how His faithfulness, grace and providence is as relevant today as it was in ancient times.  Please pass it on!

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