Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Out of Options

Excerpt from Chapter 9 - Stand At The Cross Roads: Looking back, I wonder where we found the nerve to keep hammering on doors.  Can you imagine banks refusing to loan a quarter of a million dollars to a divorcee with no collateral, no job, and no prospects, just 160 acres to her name, and with a loan against that?  I laugh about it now, but I must have been crazy to think they'd even consider it.

Once again, we weren't really in a picture taking mood at this point!

It was so exciting to open Facebook and find 6 more Fans this morning!  It’s like Christmas every morning now! We are up to 135 fans on the Stand At The Cross Roads Fan Page! If you haven't already please go to the Stand at the Cross Roads Fan Page and click the “Become a Fan” button.  200 is the magic number that publishers look for to see if a book might have an audience. It would also be extremely helpful if you would re-post this to YOUR Facebook page to encourage your friends to become Fans, too!

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