Monday, March 29, 2010

Let Me Do It Myself

Excerpt from Chapter 26 - Stand At The Cross Roads: Intense pain prevented me from rolling over to get up, so I tried to just sit up, but froze in agony, with my head and legs off the ground and my knees flexed. I could neither sit up, nor lie back down.
            Scott ran over to me, and upon realizing how bad it was, held my head on his knees. Yessica supported my legs while someone called Jennifer at the house.
            She sped down the drive, threw on the brakes, and jumped out.
            "Are you okay?"
             "No. Call an ambulance."
            The color drained from her face. She knew that if I said I needed help, it must be bad. She ran to the phone in the shed knowing full well that it rarely worked. The line was dead.
            Later, she told me, "I slammed that phone down and prayed, ‘God, I need this phone to work and I know you can do it.’" Absolutely confident it would work now… she picked it up and without listening for a dial tone, dialed 911...

My father-in-law is settling in and the beginning of a routine is developing. There are still quite a few bugs to work out, but things are looking up!  Thank you all for your continuing prayers.  

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