Monday, March 1, 2010

Markers In Our Faith

I have heard from several publishers and agents with input on the "process" of getting a manuscript published. The advice ranged from "re-evaluate your commitment" to "embrace the challenge".   Rest assured I am continuing to work toward the goal of publication!  

Several agencies recommended building a following for the proposed book by blogging, so, I'm gonna get better at blogging.  Stand at the Cross Roads consists of an introduction and thirty-three chapters. Starting now I will publish a short except from each of the thirty-three chapters, one every day for the next thirty-four days.  Today's excerpt will be from the Introduction which was written by someone  near and dear to many of you. 

My goal is to attract between 200 to 500 "followers", as recommended by several agents.  If you like what you read - please officially join this blog by becoming a Follower and share this link with your friends.   Blessings to each and every one of you and thank you so much for your prayerful support of Stand at the Cross Roads as God guides it through "the process"!


 Markers In Our Faith 

"I feel the spirit of God when I go through the gate at Cross Roads, and I like to think it is also the spirit of all the people whose lives have been changed and are being changed as you read the story of faith in the pages that follow.  If we were to place a plaque to mark the spots where the lives of men, women and youth were transformed at Cross Roads, we would be surrounded by names - in the conference room, the dining hall, the chapel, the outdoor tabernacle, the prayer trail, the ropes course and everywhere in between."   

Rev. John Warren
St. John's United Methodist Church 
Rockdale, Texas

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