Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Stinging Revelation

  "Ow!" I tripped and rolled.
            Scott halted to avoid stumbling over me. I got up, lurched a few steps and fell again.
            "Hilda, come on," he yelled, trying to help me back up while waving the bees away.
            "No, Scott, go on!" With my heart racing, my lungs constricted, I gasped, "If they get me they get me."
            Scott grabbed the back of my belt and hoisted me like a satchel. With my rear in the air, my head bobbing dangerously close to the ground, and my feet flopping, he ran for the cab of the trusty white farm truck we’d bought. Jennifer held the door while he tossed me inside and jumped in behind me.
            It’s funny now. but.....

Thankfully, there is no photo of this episode!   LOL!

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