Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Perfect Porch

 Excerpt from Chapter 22 - Stand At The Cross Road: While all of us were dancing and celebrating the bride and groom, my brother, John, a structural engineer, took me aside and mentioned that he’d noticed my house still needed finishing.
            "You need a porch," he said, as we attacked the dessert tray together.
            Concern shown in his eyes, as he reflected on the state of my house. No landing, no railing, just a shaky three-step ladder up to the front door.
            "I have a brand new chimney," I pointed out. After barely scraping together the resources for the fireplace, buying the materials to replace the porch was not in the budget.
            "We need to build you a porch," John said.
            Was he serious about taking on such a huge project? God had shown me, time and time again, that His way of taking care of me was through the people He sent my way.  Was He sending my brother, now?
My house didn't look quite this bad when John saw it.  The movers had put the two halves back together,  the roof had been patched with left over shingles, non of which were the same color,  and the fireplace had been rebuilt. 

We reached the goal of 200 FANS today,
Praise God!
Thank each of you for your help. I hope you are enjoying the excerpts and will continue to follow the the story and recommend it to friends. 

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