Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soaring On Eagle's Wings

Excerpt from Chapter 21 Stand At The Cross Road: Another high point of that year came by way of my best friend, Mary. I was in the habit of dropping by the office where she worked and having lunch with her in their coffee bar several times a week. Those were bright spots in my day and special, I think, for both of us. We solved all the problems of the world over countless burgers, or salads, depending on whether one of us was dieting. One April morning Mary called me.
            "Hey girl, you coming by for lunch today?"
            "Maybe. I have an appointment that could take a while."
            "Take your time, I’ll wait. I have an idea I want to discuss with you."
            No sooner had I sat down than Mary said, "You all need more help with Cross Roads."
            "No, you really think so?" My sarcasm only made her smile.
Her blue eyes glowed with excitement...

 Mary Stevens (singing)
ONE Fan Short of 200!   HELP!!!!
Pat clued me in last night that some of you may not know HOW to ask your friends to become Fans.  Just go to the Stand At The Cross Roads Fan Page.  Under the photo is a link titled - Suggest To Friends - click on it - Your friends will pop up - you invite them by clicking on their photos. If all 199 of you will just do that IT WOULD BE PHENOMENAL! Thank each of you for your tremendous support. Please don't stop now! It is my prayer that Christ will work through this book to touch and change many lives. Please continue praying as this book blossoms into the full potential that God has in store for it! 

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