Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hunkered Down

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Stand At The Cross Roads:  About that time one of my next-door neighbors, Brenda Gaskins, began hounding me about meeting a Christian friend of hers. Brenda was a cheerful, friendly young mother of three with blonde shoulder length hair. Her friend lived "just on the other side of Chriesman," where Brenda pastured her horse.
            Ironically, once again I was too busy trying to figure out things on my own to get involved with people in the community, I kept putting Brenda off, and putting her off, and putting her off. She was relentless. One day she dropped by and found me, as usual, sitting in the dark, my face lit by the computer screen, books and papers scattered on every surface.
            "I’m going to check on my horse. Come get in the truck and go with me. You need to meet my friend."
            Not today. Wearing my usual cutoffs and t-shirt, my hair air-dried and unruly, I just didn’t need this right now. "Brenda - "
             "No excuses. You need to do this. Come on."

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